K- Reading Comp. and Writing

Reading comprehension in Spanish! SO fun! We started off by listening to the story and trying to figure out what it was about. Afterwards the students read to one another. Then we came together to answer questions about the reading. It was an absolute blast! Decoding with our Spanish brains vs. English was a blast. Ask you student about the different letter sounds in both languages!

We are also listening to real world Spanish videos so that we can continue to further acclimate ourselves to different accents. Of course, this is on top of our routine vocabulary.

Be on the lookout for pages that have been sent home 🙂

4th- Study Session

Today is the study session for our assessment on Friday. I will be meeting students in the lobby at 3:25 and then we will walk over to my classroom together. Please pick up your student at 4:15 from my classroom (next to our PreK classes).

They will be bringing home additional study materials as well. I look forward to reviewing together!

Bring Spanish Home!

Just a friendly reminder that I want to encourage you all to bring Spanish language and culture into your home! Perhaps have a family ¨date night¨ when you try a Latino restaurant and go home to watch a Spanish movie? Maybe you watch the movie CoCo or Ferdinand and talk about the cultural similarities and differences? Maybe try watching a few Spanish televised programs? Check out Telemundo for real world shows! I only have your students for 45 minutos, 2x/week! I wish I could see them everyday 🙁 If we do not bring language home, how can we expect fluency or fluid conversation and understanding?

Here are some things you should do to bring Spanish into your home:
-Find a tandem partner to have free, regular conversation practice in an informal setting. As a bonus, they’ll probably come away with a new friend!
-Change the language of all electronic devices and social media sites to Spanish.
-Make the most of free resources like newspapers and library publications, which are perfect for reading and translation practice.
-Watch Discovery Kids Latino, Disney Latino chances are any show your student likes has a Spanish version! I am attaching several links below for your reference.





2nd has been working so hard on their language acquisition that we began to work ahead of schedule! We could not be more thrilled!

We moved onto reading and comprehension today in class as we read descriptions about people that we had to then translate and draw. It was a blast to be able to see the connections that were made during this exercise!

Ask your student what a cognate is, I am sure they would love to share with you!

Today is just a brief update, but I felt the need to brag about the hard work they have been putting in 🙂 Lots of work being sent home in Friday folders, be on the lookout!

Puedo escribir 100 palabras-3rd

Yesterday was the 100th day of school and we celebrated by writing 100 Spanish words! BY THEMSELVES! No assistance from myself or other classmates. It was fun to see the student reciting and writing vocabulario from the beginning of the year and singing songs to themselves trying to complete the 100 challenge!

We also challenged ourselves to write 100 adjectives and verbs! This was definitely the biggest challenge of the day, but we had a lot of fun “stretching our brains.”

As we move throughout the week we will be continuing to work on our entrevistas. Please be on the lookout for handouts about this project coming home in Friday folders.

As always, if you have any questions please reach out 🙂


This week we continue working in our workbooks. This week in particular we are focusing on syllables. We are using the syllables to add to our learned vocabulary. It has been fun watching the connections with all the vocabulario they have learned throughout the year! In addition to syllables, we are learning the importance of our accents. Depending on how we pronounce and spell a word, we can change the meaning entirely!

Ask them about ¨goodnight potato.¨

Workbooks will be shown during parent teacher conferences and sent home at the end of the year. We are continuing to expand our vocabulary and make sure we sound like our best Spanish speaker 🙂

As always, please reach out with any questions.


4th grade has been working fast y furioso studying AR, ER and IR Verbs. Our big assessment over these present tense conjugations will be next Friday the 16th! Study packets were passed out today in class and we will be completing and reviewing them in class.

Please reach out with any questions. More practice pages will be sent home this week and next.